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Hi all, I have been reading questions and comments of technical people in this area and appreciated a lot what I have learned so far. I am totally new in this forum and I just have a little request and I believe you will give me ideas and guidance In many developing countries MUAC cut off has widely been endorsed by many MoH as an independent criteria for admission in programme treating SAM but few other countries, particularly in those where MSAM is being integrated into the basic health package have been reluctant to put this into practices for various reasons including the "absence of reasonable discharge criteria for those admitted on MUAC". If someone would like to conduct a MUAC assessment (prospective study from an existing programme treating both SAM and MAM) what will be your recommendations globally so that the result/finding can bring a little contribution to what is already known and.... any additional point that will help to convince our clinicians about the importance of using widely this criteria alone in poor resource (with lack of human resources) countries Thank you for your directives...
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