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Hello everyone,
We want to conduct a KAP survey of mothers in nutrition in a department that has 51 villages. In these 51 villages, we set up FARN (Learning and Nutritional Rehabilitation Centre). We want to use 2 stage cluster sampling: the first stage selecting the villages and the 2nd stage households.

Should we include all the villages? otherwise how do you make the selection?
We have the population of each village and also that of children from 6 to 59 months. The size of the population differs per village. And so, we used the probability proportional to the size to have the places of the clusters in all the villages.
My concern here is whether we have to use the total population or the population in the age range of 6 to 59 months to calculate the sampling interval?
What is the point of having the sample size if we proceed by households?
Finally, is it possible to limit our investigation just to our FARNs (Learning and Nutritional Rehabilitation Centers) since they are implanted in all villages (51)? I fear a bias because mothers who come to these homes are sensitized daily. This may affect their answers to some questions.
I remain available for more precision.

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