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Post a reply: SQUEAC/coverage survey stage I routine monitoring data analysis

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Dear all,

We are planning to conduct a SQUEAC coverage survey in one of the refugee camps to estimate the responses coverage and to identify the services BBs. To identify cases, MUAC and WFH have been used, with the following cutoff points for SAM and MAM. SAM: either of MUAC<115mm or WFH<-3z score and any grade of bilateral pitting oedema. MAM: either of MUAC ≥115 mm - <125mm or WFH ≥-3Zscore - <-2z score, and no bilateral pitting oedema.

There is active case finding using deployed community volunteers, and these volunteers use only MUAC, not WFH. So, any child identified <125mm by community volunteers, has been referred to nutrition centers without considering his/her WFH at outreach level.

However, as MUAC and WFH do not have an exact correlation, “Elevated MUAC” has been applied since two years back. Meaning that young (6 - <24 months) and older (≥24 -59 months) children with MUAC <140 and <150mm, respectively have been referred to nutrition centers for WFH measurement. With this procedure, above 60% of the admitted cases are based on WFH , the rest due to MUAC and oedema. In addition, both MUAC and WFH are used to identify cases to discharge from the program as cured and others types of program outcome.

For such program implementation context, where MUAC and WFH are both applicable to identify and to monitor cases, when we conduct SQUEAC stage I quantitative routine monitoring data analysis, do we need to analyse the admission and discharge data separately based on by which tool the case is identified during admission and discharge? Meaning that analyzing those admitted by MUAC (and or WFH) as the first group and those admitted only by WFH (but not SAM by MUAC) as the second group.

In short, knowing if there is any program performance difference of MUAC and WFH (like to be cured, to be defaulter, Length of stay (for both to be cured and defaulter), age, and others), will help us to understand better about the services BBs?

With best regards,

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