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Post a reply: When can we use BMI for lactating women again?

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Lactating women and Anthropometry

Dear colleagues
There is no agreed anthropometric indicator for lactating women to classify them as malnourished . I want to measure, through an observational study, how many non-pregnant mothers of children 6-59 months are malnourished. In the first 6 months, lactating and non-lactating women will have relatively higher weight post-partum (due to deposition of additional tissues, incl. forming glands in breast tissue, etc) so we cannot use BMI to classify malnutrition in the first few months after giving birth.
I assume that non-lactating women can be measured through BMI from 6 months onwards post-partum. But for those still breastfeeding: can we use BMI again after 6 months or 8 or 12 months, even though they are still breastfeeding ?
Can anyone help me on this question?

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