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Post a reply: Duplication in Beneficiaries - How can we solve this phenomenon? Can aggregation method be the solution?

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Dear All,
At health facilities( hospitals/Health centers/Health units) levels, we are using the records/registry and health workers fill these records/registries by patients names then by the end of the day health workers send the reports by values and not by patient's name.
Some patients receive more than one service. For example, a child who is SAM also had his routine immunization, and has fever and received IMCI treatment as per the protocol. Another example: a pregnant woman received the 4 ANC visits, then was delivered by a skilled birth attendant, and then gets PNC and IYCF.
Your agency is requested to report the total benificiaries served in 2018.

In the first example: the system is reporting 3 beneficiaries
In the second example: the system is reporting 3 beneficiaries

While in the two examples it is only one beneficiary who received 3 services. So it means we report the wrong number of beneficiaries because the system we used is a values-based system. The opposite will occur if we enter the data by patient's name.

Within our nutrition activities, we have many indicators and each indicator represents one service most of the time. Can we calculate the total number of beneficiaries without dulpication if we have a values-based system? The answer is No we cannot.
I heard aggregation method can do it!!!. It depends on calculating the highest indicator value to get the beneficiaries. For example, if we have the foolowing indicators:
1. SAM admission, 1000
2. SAM with comlpications referred to TFC, 100
3. Children under 2 years recieved micronutrients. 7000
4. Children under 5 years received deworming, 9500
5. Children under 5 years received vit A. 15000

Aggregation method will tell you that the total beneficiaries served are 15,000 which is the highest indicator value.
Do you agree with this method?

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