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Post a reply: Calculating SAM and MAM caseload for treatment programmes

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Typically SAM and MAM prevalence from a recent nutrition survey (measured using weight for height) is used with incidence correction factor and coverage to estimate MAM and SAM caseloads for planning purposes for treatment programmes.

With MUAC used as independent admission criteria to treatment programmes; and understanding that W/H and MUAC do not always detect acute malnutrition in the same children, I'm wondering if the caseload estimate calculated using W/H prevalence should routinely be adjusted (a correction factor added) to made provision for MUAC-only admitted cases? (if not caseloads will be underestimated).

Grateful to know what others think of this and if there is any work done on what factor could be applied given that the proportion of W/H-only and MUAC-only cases varies according to context. (Might 20% be a suitable margin to apply?)

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