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Post a reply: RUTF stuck in a closed container over 90 days, is this safe to use?

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We faced a major challenge in transporting RUTF due to the closure of the border. This resulted in one of our containers being held at the border for over 90 days (we have still 1-year expiry date). Now we are planning to reroute the container to the closest country to support another CMAM program.

However, we are worried about the quality and safety of the product after being in a closed container under the hot (average +35 degree centigrade) sun over 90 days; whether this is safe to treat the SAM children? Does anyone have expertise/experience in such a situation to explain what would possibly happen to the RUTF? Should we need to do any quality test before we use this RUTF? Is there any possibility of separating oil, decomposing texture, taste, protein quality, etc.which are not safe for SAM children? 

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