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Post a reply: Is there any necessity to segment the large area to conduct multiple SMART survey instead of doing 1 SMART?

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Firstly, I would like to explain about the geographical area. Two upzilas covering 34 Refugee camps of which two are registered camps. The approximate population of the two registered camps is around 20,000 for each. On the other hand, all the makeshift camp hosting around 800,000 population of which 25 camps located in one upazila and the rest of the 7 camps located in another upazila. In terms of accessibility, some camps are far, which might lead to the lack of provision of services to the beneficiary. The population is homogeneous and arrived in the country at same time. 

Considering the above situation, we have designed 3 SMART Surveys: two independent SMART for two registered camps; third one is for all Makeshift Camp. We are following the same over the past three rounds. 

During first round,  we were able to implement the surveys in all three areas. However, due to refusal in next two rounds we had to exclude one registered camp. 

So, is there any necessity to divide makeshift camps as population is so high, to conduct two /three SMART surveys for this large area? Will the GAM prevalence vary if we divide the MS camps? 

Also, can we design 1 SMART for two registered camps combined? Please note that these two registered camps are situated in two upazila and the population of one registered camp didn't take participate in the survey and the other registered camp has chronic water crisis?

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