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Post a reply: Is fortified Banspatti Ghee (Trans fat) considered healthy to meet the challenges of malnutrition and health issues in Pakistan? That means trans-fat or hydrogenated is becoming an acceptable part of Pakistani diet….

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My question appears to be childish for nutrition and medical professional. Unfortunately in Pakistan there is a very limited awareness about the health hazards of trans fat. There is a very high consumption of trans-fat in Pakistan, it’s a very important part of a Pakistani meal, it is widely used by street vendors, bakeries and hotels, etc. etc. I mean to say, trans-fat has dangerously pervaded in the Pakistani meal, in spite of knowing that WHO has already set the target to ban or control the consumption of industrial trans-fat by 2023.WHY?

 How can we meet the challenges of malnutrition and NCDs in presence of trans fat?

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