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Ebola and Anthropometry: Height measurement of  adult patients

Dear colleagues

I am in DRC working on Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) and nutritional care. I have an urgent question concerning height measurements.

For bedridden adults there are numerous height replacement measurements that can be used as an alternative for height measured through a classic stadiometer (height board). For example, demi-span, arm span, half span, knee height. They all perform differently it seems, depending on phenotype/ethnicity.

Does anyone have a recommendation on what the best method would be for African Adults (<60 years) in DRC (non-pygmies)? I want to use it to measure BMI. Knee height? If not, which variation of arm span? WHO has also a formula from 1999, but it does not seem to be the best necessarily.

Your suggestion is highly appreciated. I have been reading many peer-reviewed journals but I remain confused concerning African adult population.

Thanks, Mija

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