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Post a reply: COVID-19 and Safety of Breast Milk and/or Breastfeeding -Please send all your questions

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Dear colleagues

Gradually I am getting more questions on the safety of breast milk, breastfeeding etc. in the context of COVID-19.

I know that you as health/nutrition practitioners get many questions and perhaps you have a few yourselves.

I am trying to compile the ones you/we are all struggling with so we have an idea what are the most pertinent ones. In this way, we can see how and where we can flag these.

Please feel free to send any important questions you have to me ( when you have a few minutes or put them on this forum here. The questions can be science-related, programmatic/operational, etc. Note: you can send your questions anonymously on this forum as well. 

Warm regards and stay safe! Mija

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