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Post a reply: IYCF-E and Covid 19: questions from the field

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Dear all,

in support to the initial exercise supported by Mija, Save the Children is engaging country offices to  understand what are the questions and concerns around IYCF-E and Covid 19.

The countries that responded for now (the questions are open and will be open for COs to keep asking) are the following:

Bangladesh, Bolivia, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Mauritania, oPt, Somalia, South Sudan, Spain, Uganda, USA, Zimbabwe, UK, Global

A total of 37 respondents of which 34 working on health and nutrition programmes, 3 working in other sectors

The questions asked are across BF/NBF, CF and other nutrition priorities

We will continue this as we expect more countries to respond. 

The questions are:

Breastfeeding Questions

1. Can women affected by Covid 19 still breastfeed?

2. Can an infected Mother get in contact with her uninfected child if she wants to breastfeed the baby?

3. Is breastfeeding safe after coronavirus infection? 

4. Can mothers breastfeed their babies if they test positive for COVID19? If yes, what is the recommendation? Position? Attachment? How to protect the baby?

5. What are the processes to support a Covid-19 confirmed mother breastfeeding? 

6. Can the mother still breastfeed if infected by Covid 19? If yes, how?

7. What measures do we need to consider for a breastfeeding/infant formula feeding mother that has symptoms?

8. What is the relationship between breastfeeding and covid 19?

9. What are the recommendations for breastfeeding mothers concerning the "no contact" reccomendation during this Covid19 outbreak period?

10. How can group counselling sessions on breastfeeding be conducted given the fact that group setups are abolished?

11. As we know, in this situation we need to improve the optimal breastfeeding and reach each mother in order to encourage mothers to prevent overcrowding and also to counsel if they are feeling signs and symptoms of COVID 19, so we need to know how to do this.

12. We would like to know if the virus may be passed through breast milk?

13. We work reaching groups of mothers to promote breastfeeding. How can we do that with the no gathering/no contact/no grouping policies?

14. During this virus outbreak if an affected mother has a child under 6 months what is the solution?

16. BF programming for covid-19 response: what are the suggested actions

17. We need guidance on the risk of transmitting covid-19 while breastfeeding (not just through the breastmilk but during the action)

18. Can the mother with COVID-19 continue breastfeeding

19. Please confirm. Has there been any evidence that breastfeeding puts the woman at higher risk of Covid 19, or other complications?

20. What community approach (without gathering) should I take to continue services in MBA or IYCF-E corners as the mothers may need these services more than ever in the face of panic/fear of infection?

Complementary Feeding:

1. How is the food preparation done for a child in a Covid 19 outbreak?

2. How can we prevent Coronavirus when the mother is feeding the child? Cuddling? Spoon feeding/hand feeding (using her hands)?

3. What are the appropriate food groups that are required for infected children? what food should be avoided? 

4. Any different recommendation for complementary feeding as in COVID19 oubreak in high malnutrition setups?

5. Which is the best complementary food during Covid 19 outbreak?

6. Are there any type of foods that we could promore for infants and young children during Covid 19?

7. How do we ensure breastfeeding is safe for both the mother and child to avoid the spread of the virus?

8. How to distribute complementary feeding when mass gatherings are forbidden?

9. if the child is 8 or 9 months or 9 to 12 months  and affected by the virus Covid 19, tell me the best food for that child

10. what is the CF programming for covid-19 response?

11. Are there certain foods that should be encouraged or avoided?

12. Most adults share plates and spoons with their children 6-23 months for complementary feeding. If the caretaker has Covid19, should s/he stop to take care of the child, or is the risk negligable (low incidence of severe Covid in small children)?

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