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Post a reply: Sexual abuse and exploitation in beneficiary populations perpetrated by humanitarian workers

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Discussion regarding the utility of MUAC and thigh circumference in assessing nutrition on this thread: [url=]Steps to measure MUAC[/url] has raised the issue of sexual abuse and violence perpetrated by humanitarian workers against women and children in beneficiary populations. Discussion of this issue has been moved to this forum. "there is a huge under-recognised problem here about child abuse and 'humanitarianism' i don't have any data to back me up, just what i have frequently observed in numerous contexts... so as we australians would say - sad but true - and we should all be aware of this" Nikki Blackwell Professeur associé de Soins Critiques (Université de Queensland, Australie) FRCP, FRACP, DTMH, FAChPM, PSM, FJFICM Directrice Médicale ALIMA Coordinatrice de recherche
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