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Post a reply: Could the C-MAMI Framework extend its reach to include at risk mothers during pregnancy?

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As we know there is a strong interrelationship between mothers that are nutritionally compromised in pregnancy. This directly manifests itself in the high rates of wasting and stunting originating in utero and presenting at birth. It is also clear that there is a substantial programming gap in maternal nutrition interventions during pregnancy. 

Q1 It is unclear why the C-MAMI  intervention model silioes its approach to at risk infants and their mothers as opposed to including nutritionally at risk mothers from conception? 

Q1.1  What effect would extending the timeline definition of at risk mothers to include pregnancy period have on:

  A  Programing implications and prioritization of interventions. 

  B  Birth outcomes and infant and maternal health, specifically in the first 6 months. 

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