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Post a reply: IFPRI estimates, more than 200 million people are malnourished in Pakistan. The largest number of Pakistanis are vulnerable to severe COVID-19 infection. Is there any emergency plan for this?

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Malnourished people are at a high risk, because they have compromised immune-system, many researches have shown that nutrition is closely linked with the immune system, the deficiency of macro-nutrient and micro-nutrient impaired the immune-system. According to this article (Nutritional effect on T-cell immunometabolism) T cells, which play the key role in the immune system, are highly influenced by nutrition. Severe malnutrition can result in the change of their behavior and metabolism.

I find this article very relevant regarding the current COVID-19 pandemic situation. This is the link.

The aim is that, there is the urgent need to check the nutritional deficiencies like protein, iron, vitamin D, and zinc etc... and treat them on the emergency basis, it is easy to deal with them now, if they catch the infection, the situation would become very difficult…

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