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Post a reply: Looking for interview partners (one interview, max. 45 min) for study on MAMI! / Call for participants in a research on MAMI (1 interview, max. Duration 45min)!

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Dear all!

I am looking for people willing to share their thoughts and knowledge on current national SAM / CMAM / IMAM guidelines , specifically the recommendations for the management of At-Risk Mother and Infants <6 months (MAMI) and disabled children , for a study at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

In this study, we assess the presence of any guidance for managing SAM in disabled children, as well as the state of implementation of the 2013 WHO recommendations on MAMI into national guidelines (eg recommendation for outpatient treatment for uncomplicated SAM in infants <6 months) .

To better understand barriers to implementation, we are hoping to talk to people (currently or previously) involved in national policy development, working in nutrition program planning or working with MAMI in various capacities.

Initially, this project will be used as thesis for my MSc program, with the aim to publish the results together with the MAMI Special Interest Group in order to inform upcoming rounds of guideline development.

Participation will mean one single interview via online call, lasting max. 45 minutes, in English, French, German or Spanish as feels most comfortable to you (statements made in a personal capacity only, not as representatives of countries or organizations).

Your contribution is greatly appreciated!

If you would like to participate or should you have any questions, please contact me at so we can set up a time to talk!

Thank you very much!


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