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I have always thought that the denominator for the calculation of mortality in emergency settings is as follows = (s+0.5(d+out)-0.5(b+in))*rp

where s= sample size, d = number of death, b= number of birth, out= number of person that left the household and in=number of person that joined the household.

For U5DR the denominator with be  :

s= U5 sample size

d= number of U5 death within the recall period

b= number of birth within the recall period

out= number U5 that left the household within the recall period

in= number of U5 that joined the household.

To my suprise, I was reading a survey report and decided to recalculate the U5DR and I noticed that my result was different from the reported U5DR. 

On further probe I noticed that the denominator used in the report was recall period*U5sample size.

My question is, is the above calculation of denominator that takes migration and birth into account applicable to CDR alone? 

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