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Post a reply: Your opinion sought on draft guidance to regulate marketing of Ready to Use Supplemental Foods

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Ready to use supplemental foods (RUSFs) are receiving increasing attention by agencies working to alleviate problems of malnutrition. In late 2010, members of the NGO/Civil Society Organisation Constituency of the UNSCN, together with expert contributors, drafted a set of guidelines regarding the regulation of marketing of RUSF targeted at children. Modelled on the International Code for Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes (BMS), the objective of the draft guidance is to take steps to prevent the unethical marketing that has been widespread for BMS. The draft guidance is available at [url][/url] We are sharing the draft guidelines on the en-net forum, for your opinions on the content and need for this draft guidance. Do you agree that such guidance is needed? Is this guidance relevant to emergency contexts? How would you improve on this guidance? We will summarise substantive en-net postings and discussions in Field Exchange 41. If you would like to submit a more substantial viewpoint for consideration to print in Field Exchange 41, then send your written article (1000 words maximum) to Marie McGrath, Field Exchange Sub-Editor, If you would like to submit detailed feedback on the draft guidance for the attention of the working group, then send to Ted Greiner, NGO CSO Constituency Chair, email:
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