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Post a reply: Link NCA Newsletter + Methodological review

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A Link NCA is a mixed method for analysing the risk factors of under-nutrition in a given context as a starting point for improving the relevance and effectiveness of nutrition security programming.

The Link NCA Technical Unit is pleased to share a Link NCA Newsletter, which has been brought back to life after a 2,5 yr pause. The current issue includes an overview of recently published studies as well as a series of learning pieces based on our diverse experience with the methodology.

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What has been your experience with the Link NCA so far? 

We are currently undertaking a thorough review of the Link NCA methodology and we would like to invite all technical experts and practitioners to send us their comments and suggestions how to improve the methodology further! You are welcome to use the email address above for the first contact and then we can adapt the means of communication to best suit your preferences.

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