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Post a reply: Resources for mapping the "last mile" supply chain for therapeutic food

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I'm looking for any suggestions for resources or tools to facilitate the mapping of the in-country supply chain for therapeutic foods (RUTF, RUSF, CSB++, locally manufactured therapeutic food etc.) in order to facilite a cost estimate of in-country distribution and warehousing.

What I'd like to do is trace the supply chain from the port-of-entry or place of production in a country through to the treatment site where the food is provided to a carer. From the port-of-entry or production site, there will be a series of cascading "nodes" (warehouses) to which the product is sent through different "links" which are the modes of transport between the nodes. There will be different costs associated with warehousing the food at each node and costs to transporting the food by land, water or air along a link from one node to another.

Any suggestions or examples of how this has been done in the past would be greatly appreciated!

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