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Post a reply: Advice on how much SQUEAC and LQAS coverage surveys cost and how long they take

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Hi, We'd like to do a coverage survey in Darfur. We have 8 OTP sites with a total of 6,300 children under 5 in mainly rural areas and we hope to have at least 50% coverage. I am hoping somebody can provide some guidance on preliminary budgeting of a coverage survey for either LQAS or SQUEAC (or both). How much does this cost on average? I am also curious about how long we should plan the exercise to take, including staff training. (We need to hire a consultant to oversee it so that needs to be factored into the cost.) It is also important to note that the area is in a challenging location, so it will take a day to get in and out by road. It also takes 3 days to get in and out by plane from Khartoum to the field site. A 2010 survey (done by another NGO using the NCHS reference) found: Prevalence of malnutrition based on weight for Height Z - score and/or edema (based on NCHS reference 1977) (n=942) . Global acute malnutrition - GAM: (n=203) 21.5% (18.0 - 25.1 95% C.I.) . Moderate acute malnutrition - MAM: (n=187) 19.9% (17.1 - 22.6 95% CI) . Severe acute malnutrition - SAM: (n=16) 1.7% (0.2 - 3.2 95% CI) Prevalence of malnutrition based on percentage of the median and/or edema (n=942) . Global acute malnutrition - GAM: (n=102) 10.8% (7.4 - 14.3 95% CI) . Moderate acute malnutrition - MAM: (n=97) 10.3% (7.2 - 13.4 95% CI) . Severe acute malnutrition - SAM: (n=5) 0.5% (-0.1 - 1.1 95% CI) Our monthly admissions to OTP have been on average 24 children. I did the math from the FANTA-2 CMAM training guide planning module and this would be excellent coverage. But I am having trouble believing SAM rates are so low as the survey results indicate. However, given how difficult it is to get permission to do surveys in Darfur, we have to trust this for now. I am also curious about the significant difference between results from using % of the median and WFH and the absence of any edema. Does that sound plausible? Thank you very much!
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