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Post a reply: Call to submit topics/interventions for IFE Core Group 2021 IYCF-E webinars!

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Dear all, 

The Webinar Committee of the IFE Core Group is glad to inform you that it is in the process of planning a series of webinars starting end of June 2021 and would like to invite you all to submit IYCF-E experiences via the links below. 

The objectives of the webinars are to:

  • Increase awareness and uptake of relevant IYCF-E guidance and tools.
  • Support the strengthening, growth and scale-up of a larger IYCF-E community of practice.
  • Create venues and opportunities for IYCF-E country and regional sharing of experiences.
  • Galvanise and energise the global community around IYCF-E forums (en-net).

The webinars will target a wide range of audiences including field workers, staff, and program managers from government and non-governmental organisations from different sectors as well as donor agencies.  

This is a call to express your interest in showcasing some of the recently implemented IYCF-E experiences to be considered for the webinars / sharing and learning cafés.

To submit an intervention/experience, please submit the form (available in different languages) by June 11, 2021.  

Links to submission form: 





For any additional inquiries, please feel free to contact 

Thank you in advance and we look forward to an exciting webinar / café series! 

Warm regards, 

On behalf of the IFE Core Group Webinar Group   


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