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Post a reply: Application of the Code with Vulnerable Families in Developed Countries

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Dear all,

I've recently returned to live in my home country, Spain, after living in Lebanon for many years and being involved in the IYCF field and the implementation of the Code. I've been shocked to find that here in Spain, at least some, international and national organisations are completely disregarding the application of the Code, apparently mostly through ignorance.

After communicating with them and trying to share resources on the importance of not carrying out indiscriminate distributions of artificial infant milk and foods, I was sad to realise that while there is a certain amount of documentation related to the implementation of the Code in emergency situations, there really is none that directly relates to vulnerable families in developed countries that receive support from NGOs. This means that local and international NGOs (and I include The Salvation Army and national Food Banks), with perhaps typical resistance to questions about their procedures, don't relate to documentation pertaining to emergency scenarios and dismiss the need to respect the Code.

I would really appreciate any experiences anybody may have had in similar situations in non-emergency situations that may help to build knowledge and perhaps help to develop materials that could be used in such cases.

Thanks in advance for your help and I look forward to receiving your replies.

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