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Hello! I'm working on a USAID funded nutrition project (MOMENTUM Integrated Health Resilience) and one of our core nutrition objectives is to improve GMP in humanitarian settings. But as many of us know, there are lots of challenges with GMP at health facilities and in the community. I have three questions:

1. Do you know of alternatives/improvements upon the growth card (which in and of itself has a number of challenges)?

2. In your experience, are CHWs and families able to detect wasting based on MUAC? The peer-reviewed literature suggests this may be the case but I'm curious to hear your experience.

3. What innovative approaches are you aware of to improve referral of malnourished children in need of services from CHWs to health facilities (and back to the community for follow-up)?

I'm happy to provide more detail, either here or separately. My email address is


Kirk Dearden

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