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Post a reply: Summary of the dangers of feeding animal milk to infants

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I’m looking for a good summary of the dangers (and evidence) of feeding inappropriate milks to children under one (as in not breastmilk or even stage 1 infant formula as a last resort). 

I’m working in a location where there is high rate of artificial feeding and where stage 1 infant formula is extremely expensive. As a result, there is a problem of feeding of cheaper powdered milks such as follow on formula and milk not specifically for children such as Nido and Anchor. This is not helped by the fact that these are displayed in the same location in shops and supermarkets with tiny warnings not to feed under 6 months on the back of packets (I can't see any language in Code preventing this BTW).

I’m finding the information online to be a little inconsistent as to the exact dangers, evidence and the age group who should not receive animal milk (under 6 months or under 1 year). If anyone has a summary of this topic, it would be very helpful!

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