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Post a reply: WHZ expanded WHO excel lookup table for boys 2 to 5 years

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Here in Nepal we are programming our CommCare electronic forms to lookup z-score values for weight-for-length/height so that we can refer survey respondents to a health facility for treatment of SAM or MAM according to their WLZ or WHZ.

On the WHO website: we found the "Expanded tables for constructing national health cards" that go up in increments of 0.1cm to use for lookup. The problem is that in the place where the z-score table called "Boys z-scores: expanded-tables (Weight-for-height).xlsx" should be we find the percentile table instead. This is clearly a mistake in the uploading of lookup tables on the WHO website. Has anybody managed to source this expanded table of z-scores? If so please could you share?

Many thanks Naomi Saville

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