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Post a reply: Request for contribution: CVA for Nutrition in Emergencies - Promising practices & common operational challenges - looking for documents !

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Dear ENN Colleagues,

We hope you are off to a good start of the year.

In light of growing recognition that CVA can contribute to better achieve nutrition outcomes, Key Aid Consulting under the direction of the Global Nutrition Cluster / Nutrition and CVA Working Group, is working on identifying promising practices and common operational challenges using Cash and Voucher Assistance for Nutrition in emergencies.

Overall, the study is aiming to map initiatives that link CVA and nutrition in emergency settings, learn from successes by identifying promising and best practices within the different stages of the project cycle as well as identify challenges and learn from unsuccessful practices. Moreover, the study will look at skill gaps that exist among nutrition and CVA practitioners towards integrating CVA and nutrition outcomes.

Do you have any document that could help us identifying opportunities and challenges of using CVA to deliver on nutrition outcomes in emergency settings?

We are casting our nets wide so documents can be evaluation reports, academic articles, literature reviews, workshop reports, guidelines looking at lessons learned, published and unpublished research. These documents could be from either on going or finalised projects with intended or unintended nutrition outcomes.

If you could share any of those documents that you consider relevant to this study, and do so by the 21st of January, this would be very much appreciated! 

Contact us directly at with any relevant information or any questions you may have about this piece of work.

Many thanks in advance!

Rediet Abebe, Johanna Jelensperger, Helene Juillard

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