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Post a reply: Interested in Shaping IBLCE’s Second Credential Pilot Programme?

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We are currently seeking individuals from around the world and from a variety of backgrounds (e.g., breastfeeding support counsellors, peer-to-peer counsellors, lactation researchers, childbirth education; healthcare workers) interested in lactation support and in joining the IBLCE Second Credential volunteer workgroup charged with the development of this pilot programme.

The credential places an emphasis on skills development, and will mean more people will be able to access well trained and culturally competent providers in breastfeeding/lactation support. It will be a stepping stone, helping to continue to widen access to the IBCLC too, for those that would like to one day attain the IBCLC.

It is a full credential and not just a certificate.

Application details can be found here:

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