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Post a reply: Monitoring or quality checklist tools on OG-IFE or IYCF technical guidelines.

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I know that the IYCF-E working groups are continously developing and updating a number of great documents such as operational, technical guidelines and fact sheets pertaining to IYCF-E. Most of these generic documents are being implemented globally by UN, INGOs and government stakeholders in emergencies and development contexts.  However, through my experiences working in different countries, these generic documents are not fully or partially adapted and or informed through formative researchs to specific locality and context; even if they have been adapted, they are not supported with strong SBC tools.

Apart from the IYCF traditional monitoring and evaluation tools (measurements of indicators), is there any monitoring or quality checklist tools for OG-IFE or IYCF technical guidelines whether they are informed with SBC during implementation at least at the country level? 

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