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Post a reply: Artificial intelligence (AI) in Nutrition Supply Chain management

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The incident of nutrition supply particularly RUTF misuse and leakage to the local market has recently become rampant. Although leakage and pilferage to the private market could occur at any level of the supply chain, potential leakage to the local market often occurs from the health system (HCs/HPs) during the distribution process or directly from storage. In my opinion, Integrating AI-Based Supply Chain Management would to some extent limit the abuse and enhance tracking and query response. Could anyone share their experience on this subject?? like digitalized nutrition supply consumption monitoring using AI.  

Becoz In the other business world, the transition from manual to intelligent Supply chain management is causing a match between the consumer to products prediction in advance and prediction of futuristic demands even in extraordinary events (COVID-19). My sincere greetings to all

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