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We are implementing a polit adolescent nutrition program through the provision of weekly iron folic acid supplements on quarterly basis, the provision of conditional cash transfer for the cost of transportation, and the improvement of food diversity practices. we are only facilitating the adolescent girls who mother is part of social safety program offered by the government and are qualified to receive an unconditional cash transfer. The girls are required to accompany their mother to the hospital, where they received the iron and folic acid supplements on a quarterly basis, sensitize them on dietary diversity and other keys messages, and provided them conditional cash transfer. Additionally, the girls are advised to utilize the supplement on a weekly basis and tick in the calendar provided in the registration booklet and visited to the hospital after three months for follow up. Kindly note the girls has to stay in the program till she reached at the age of 19.
Since the program is intended for a certain population (girls belong to the mothers of social saft net program), we are encountering difficulties in reaching the targeted group. What are some important mobilization strategies and techniques that we used to brings the girls to the hospital with their mothers and reach the intended target.

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