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Post a reply: Dilution of F100 to be used as F75

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I have seen previous threads and discussion on the topic of converting F100 to be used instead of F75 and recognise the limitations and the shortfalls of this method but this is being advised in certain contexts where F75 supply chain falls down, it is difficult to access or it is not permitted for importation. In such circumstances can anyone advise on the best dilution to use? I have been advised to use 3 litres instead of 2 for 456g/packet. If anybody has advice on whether this is correct or alternatives it would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance Jennie Note from the moderator: The revised HTP module 13, Management of Severe acute malnutrition, [url][/url] has been shared with Jennie, which advises a dilution of 2.7 litres per sachet (460g), as well as a link to the previous discussion on en-net where the differences between F75 and F100 were highlighted and advice provided on avoiding use of diluted F100 for children with kwashiorkor and certain other cases, [url][/url] . However, Jennie is interested in any other thoughts or suggestions from the forum. She works in a context where F75 is not available, only F100.
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