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Post a reply: Admission of children 5 to 10 years - criteria to use in famine situation

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We're currently looking to expand admission criteria in Somalia to include children 5 to 10 years of age. Some partners are already doing this and using a variety of admission /discharge criteria. Other partners require some guidance. We have a few questions to launch out to the Nut community: (1) Admission criteria: A MUAC for height table was proposed. We're considering that children 5 to 10 years will likely have heights from >115cm to =or <145cm. The problem is that, given the table, we would have 3 different MUAC cut-offs for older children with SAM. This is not very practical, and we need to make things as simple as possible in southern Somalia. So what we want to propose is using one cut-off = MUAC <135mm fo SAM. This is the "bottom" MUAC on the table for the older children. (2) RUTF ration: Some places may be able to weight older children but others may not. Can we assume a standard ration for older children? Although this may cause confusion between younger and older children.... (3) Discharge criteria: MUAC >135mm on two consecutive visits??... or a min length of stay of 2 months? Any comments/criticisms/support are welcomed
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