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Hi, We are currently implementing a coverage survey using SQUEAC methodology in Sierra Leone, Moyamba District. According to the methodology, the calculation of the minimum number of villages that need to be sampled takes into consideration SAM prevalence. "This means that you should use the results from a nutritional anthropometry survey undertaken at the same time of year as the current SQUEAC assessment" It is said in the methodology that we should adjust the prevalence. The available SAM prevalence were calculated in July August in 2010 (lean season) Moyamba SAM prevalence (WHZ <-3 and/or edema): 0.9% (0.5 - 1.6) Moyamba SAM prevalence (MUAC or Oedema): 2.3% (1.3 - 3.8) During the SLEAC/SQUEAC survey done in February to April 2011 according to the report, SAM prevalence (MUAC) has been used (National prevalence) --> How the calibration has been done? Thanks for your advice
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