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The current approach is to have single two-stage cluster survey by agro-ecology. If a given district has two agro-ecological zone, this means there should be two independent survey as those people living in those area are believed to be heterogeneous. FAO defines agro-ecological zone as "A land resource mapping unit, defined in terms of climate, landform and soils, and/or land cover, and having a specific range of potentials and constraints for land use". However, recently the word agro-ecological zone is being replaced by "Livelihood zone". In this case, In one agro-ecological zone there could be more than one livelihood zones. Now days it is difficult to do a rapid two-stage cluster survey in one district or provinces as there is critique of livelihood zones. To do a single survey in each livelihood zone (tiny villages) is time and money consuming. So, is there method to do one single survey in these multiple livelihood zone by accommodating things like increase sample size, increase cluster and increase design effect and the like? SMART guideline recomends to play around the design effect but it is not clear.
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