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Post a reply: Some questions on SQUEAC Stage-I. (CMAM in a pastoralist community.)

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1. As per the existing guidelines, in stage one, the areas should be categorized by low and high coverage. But how can you do this before doing stage II or III? 2. Linked to above – Do we just say that there is high coverage if there is high admission? If so, then population density matters. However, in the existing guidelines this isn’t acknowledged and it doesn’t say how / if population matters. 3. Our other question is about late presenters – is there any cut off where if someone comes with a MUAC of X you would classify them as a late presenter? (regardless of the programme review of those cards) 4. Once we plot all MUAC on admission cards and take the median – the guidelines say that you can categorise above and below the median as late or acceptable admissions. But what happens if the median is 10,6 in some areas, or 10 in others, 9 in others. Is there an acceptable median for programmes? 5. Early and late defaulters and minimum length of stay. According to international guidelines a beneficiary should stay in the programme for a minimum of 2 months. However, what about those children who reach the ‘cured’ category (through MUAC or weight gain) before that time. If they leave the programme before the 2 months are they defined as ‘Early Defaulters’?
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