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Post a reply: When to stop admitting children if a CMAM programme closing

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We have an emergency CMAM programme due to close next month and while the MOH have been trained to deliver CMAM, they will not receive RUTF from UNICEF and the reality is that there will be little options for treatment and follow up once we leave. Our feeling is that if an acutely malnourished child arrives on the final day of the programme, we admit them, then just provide a month's supply of RUTF as this is better than leaving them with no treatment at all. However, others stop admissions 2 months before the close of the programme to ensure that all children admitted have a chance of being fully cured. Is it acceptable to keep admitting right up until the close of the programme? If so, how should these children be recorded? Non-recovered or discharged cured or just remaining in the programme?
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