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Hello Everyone, Could someone help me understand why in the circumstance described below we consider the child in the "recovering case group" while conducting a SQUEAC survey? Assumptions - SAM case as defined for the SQUEAC survey: MUAC < 115mm and/or Presence of bilateral pitting edema - Admission criteria in OTP: Presence of bilateral pitting edema, WHZ < -3 or MUAC < 115mm Situation: while searching for SAM case in a village, we found a child who enrolled in the OTP programme the week before with WHZ criteria. Here are his anthropometrics on admission: WHZ<-3, MUAC=118mm and NO edema. Question: why do we classify this child in the "recovering case group" while we actually know that he was not a SAM case (as defined for SQUEAC survey) upon admission in the OTP? Thank you.
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