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Post a reply: Assistance with design of a supplementary food for pregnant women in Bangladesh

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This question was posted in a discussion in the Assessment forum area, [url][/url]. I am moving it to here as others may be interested and able to assist. Many thanks, Tamsin Actually can anyone help me out with this!! I am currently designing a locally made supplementary food for pregnant women in Bangladesh. I am using lentil powder, ground peanuts, milk powder, salt sugar and oil and would like to form a paste. My problem is that when following the WHO guidelines I can not get enough moisture (oil) in there without going way above the % of fat. I do not want to advise the mixing with water due to clean water not always being available. Has anyone done anything similar? If so can you tell me your ingredients and the proportions to form a paste. If not, I will need to trial with biscuits. Cheers
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