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What is the most up-to-date recommendations on treating diarrhea with ORS/zinc in children with moderate acute malnutrition who are entering a supplementary feeding program providing RUSF? The Nutrition cluster's HTP suggests that ORT not be given to children suffering from SAM who are being treated in outpatient care with RUTF; same concerns/recommendation with MAM? "Diarrhoea is often a precipitating cause leading to SAM. Whereas the use of oral rehydration therapy (ORT) (and zinc supplementation) is effective to prevent dehydration, it is not recommended to use ORT in children with SAM. The effect of diarrhoea on the nutrition status of children can be minimised by continued feeding, breastfeeding and administration of RUTF (note that RUTF provides a daily supplementation of Zinc) during the diarrhoea episode."
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