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Dear colleagues, I am a Research Analyst working with a Tufts University/USAID study, evaluating the sustainability of impacts and activities within Title II food aid and health programs managed by international NGOs in India (and similar programs in three other countries), after they phased out in 2009-10. Since I am returning back to India in a few months and keen to work with field research in malnutrition, I was curious to know if any of you are aware of projects/studies that are focused on "preventing low birth weight (LBW) through antenatal micro-nutrient supplementation (such as vitamins B-12 and D, in addition to iron and folate)". About 8 million LBW babies take birth in India alone every year (of the global 20 million) and I was wondering if there are any such active projects (or studies in pipeline), this year. I would really appreciate your thoughts or leads. Thank you. Best wishes, Ameya
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