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How to estimate SAM in a very insecured area.

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Issack Yakub

Normal user

10 Sep 2013, 07:31

In a very insecure context and where security doesn't permit how would estimate caseload(SAM) of that population. Can you rely on monthly report submitted by partners working in that region to a leading organization.

Anonymous 2339

Health & Nutrition Advisor

Normal user

10 Sep 2013, 10:34

It is a very important question indeed, based on my field experience, I will suggest to first have a consultation meeting with field level services providers and MoH to orientate them on the importance of making the estimates and train them on proper screening, data collection, and reporting and later in direct communications get the data for making the estimates. It is also necessary to give feedback to the service providers. I am sure it will not be possible without permission from regional/district/state authorities permission and costly too. I will like to hear from other colleagues about any other assessment tools. Best regards Dr. Khan

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