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what to do with adolescent men taller than 1.75 m in WfH?

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Mija Ververs


Normal user

10 Jun 2014, 14:06

Dear colleagues I need to measure adolescent men with heights >1.745 m and determine whether they are malnourished or not. We normally use the NCHS data table for adolescent men WfH % of the median. However, this table only goes until 1.745 m . Does anyone have an idea if there is a NCHS data table that uses heights of 1.75 m and over for adolescnets? If not, what to do? I have the same question for adolescent women, the NCHS table goes until 1.635 m.... Thanks so much for your advice! Mija-tesse Ververs

Mark Myatt

Frequent user

11 Jun 2014, 14:05

Try BMI/A. The tables are here. You could use BMI.

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