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Is it possible to have nutrition programs for over 5 who acutely malnourished (SAM) apart from MAM service for only PLW (lactating mothers with kid<6 months and Preg women from her 2nd trimester)?

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Ahmed Ali Issack


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2 Feb 2016, 08:59

Over 5 children and adolescents are desperately neglected in nutrition programming. The reasons for this neglect are neither understandable nor justifiable. The groups are as well vulnerable to malnutrition and its co-infections in the context of Somalia. Widespread poverty led poor living conditions which further compounded by food insecurity, poor hygiene practices, and poor coverage of health services among others. Some of the direct and over-five specific consequences include: higher morbidity and mortality, disability, lower educational achievement and reduced productivity in adulthood. I would kindly ask the experts and volunteers in the communication loops to provide their valuable inputs to the subject under discussions!
Ahmed from Somalia

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