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OFSP- Nepal

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Anonymous 3261

Normal user

22 Sep 2016, 01:14

Does anyone have experience with orange flesh sweet potatoes (OFSP) in Nepal?

Elham Monsesf

Normal user

23 Sep 2016, 13:16

A quick google search - Helen Keller introduced it in Nepal in 2007, also coined as Helen's potato. May be good place to start.

Anonymous 3957


Normal user

23 Sep 2016, 14:25

Suaahara, which was a consortium between Save the Children, HKI, John Hopkins (+ more partners) were encouraging the growth of orange sweet potatoes in their programmes. That is the only information I have though, so maybe someone who worked specifically on this could provide more information?


Forum Moderator, ENN

Forum moderator

24 Sep 2016, 11:41

From Rita Bhatia:

Please see the above link on OFSPs in Nepal from HKI.

Best, Rita

Anonymous 3261

Normal user

26 Sep 2016, 15:26

Thank you! Anyone with specific knowledge of OFSP adaptability to different terrain?

Indra Dhoj Kshetri

Normal user

8 Feb 2023, 05:30

Here is an introductory video about orange-fleshed sweet potato, its farming and marketing in Nepal.OFSP_Garden to plate and market


Normal user

9 Feb 2023, 11:04

Good morning,

I have experience with orange-fleshed sweet potato in Burundi

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