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Default rates in Dadaab Refugee

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Clinical Nutritionist, KNH, Nairobi

Normal user

26 Jan 2017, 16:29

Kindly someone out there to urgently assist me with some default rates trends in Dadaab Refugee Camps particularly in Ifo and Hagadera from 2015 backwards.

Thank you!

Anselimo Makokha

Professor/Jomo Kenyatta Univ of Agric. & Tech.

Normal user

27 Jan 2017, 05:20

Alexander, kindly specify to what the default rate requested is in respect to.


Clinical Nutritionist, KNH, Nairobi

Normal user

27 Jan 2017, 07:47

I am looking for either program monitoring records or some study if any on OTP and SC default rates in Ifo and Hagadera. About four years back from 2015. I got a SQUEAC survey of 2015 from internet but its for Ifo 2 Camp in Dadaab.

Thank you

Anonymous 360


Normal user

28 Jan 2017, 07:38

Contact UNHCR. Check their website for email address for the SENS team.

Yusuf Lare

Program Manager

Normal user

29 Jan 2017, 10:15

Dear i will send hard copy Tech assessment on Nutrition done in Afgooye Area lower shabelle region Marka within this week but please send me official Email contacts


shima mansor

program nutrition officer

Normal user

29 Jan 2017, 10:24

Dear Yusif ,

I'm imterested in this topic , Can you send me your tech assesment on


Anonymous 40

Normal user

6 Feb 2017, 15:23

Dear Alexander,
I will try to find out the data - can you send me your mail to and I will send them to you. Many thanks,

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