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adolescent malnutrition

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Anonymous 23844

Civil servant

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21 Jun 2018, 10:51

is it possible to combine both health and nutrition education in my intervention study for a phd research including topic like
1. malnutrition (definition, prevalence, causes, consequences,ways of improving adolescent nutrition before first pregnancy)
2. micro nutrient deficiency making emphasis on anemia
3. puberty, menstruation cycle, hygiene and sanitation
4. healthydieting
5. infant and young child feeding in relation to preparing them for the future
6. tips on nutrition during pregnancy and lactation
7. food groups and diversity of diet
i need clarification ...thank you

Emily Keats

Senior research associate

Technical expert

22 Jun 2018, 14:42

Hi there,

While cautioning that I don't know the details of your proposed PhD study, I would say that yes, many interventions combine both health and nutrition information. Based on the population, I would tailor the intervention such that the key, actionable messages are easily conveyed to the participants (e.g., how to prevent anemia, as opposed to the causes and spectrum of MN deficiencies). I would also suggest breaking up the messages into several sessions (given they are volunteer or community health worker-led or provided in group settings) or prioritizing topics, so as not to overwhelm participants with information. There are many different ways to provide health and nutrition education, I would refer to related, published literature in order to understand what are the most effective methods for your population of interest. The following article outlines important strategies for behaviour change, which may be of interest to you:

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