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Where can I find data on death, default and cure rates from as many CMAM programmes globally?

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Anonymous 33202

Normal user

7 Aug 2019, 13:59

Hello all,

I am looking to find as much up to date data as I can on death, deafault and cure rates from CMAM programmes across any countries or regions. Overall totals for countries, regions districts or organisations would all be great. I have found a fair amount of published data but I am a little surprised on the lack of grey literature from NGOs etc. documenting programme outcomes...

Any help much appreciated. 

Sangwani Chavula


Normal user

8 Aug 2019, 18:11


In some Africa countries like in my country , the data is reserved with Ministry of health.  The access point is in districts and it requires inquiries in all districts since it takes ages to have the whole data at central point  (MoH). You want the whole world data or specific???




Technical expert

9 Aug 2019, 08:03

Try this website:

I hope this helps,


Mark Myatt

Frequent user

9 Aug 2019, 15:51

All of this data is part of routine program M&E for CMAM programs as the "Minimum Reporting Package" (MRP) developed by SC, CDC, and ENN. You should be able to get this from national UNICEF officies or from the child health section of the National MoH. The data is frequently used in stage I SQUEAC coverage assessments and reproduced in coverage reports. The Coverage Monitoring Network (CMN) maintains a resource library of SQUEAC reports that you may find useful.

I hope this is of some use.

Anonymous 33202

Normal user

2 Sep 2019, 13:54

Dear all,

Many thanks for the suggestions.

Very much appreciated,

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