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A new publication on efficacy of RUTF reduced dose in Burkina in PLoS Med

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Cécile Salpéteur

Nutrition & Health Research Advisor - ACF France

Normal user

6 Sep 2019, 11:54

Paris, September 2019

The first results of the MANGO clinical trial led by AAH and scientific partners are now published in PLoS Medicine journal here:

The trial consisted in comparing the efficacy of a reduced RUTF dose to standard dose in uncomplicated SAM children in the rural district of Fada N'Gourma (east of Burkina Faso).

The reduction of RUTF was as follows: standard dose for the first two weeks of treatment then 1 or 2 sachets of RUTF until recovery, based on weight category.

More results from the trial will be released over this year and next year.

Do not hesitate to contact main author and AAH team if you have questions or comments.

Kind regards

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