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Protocal for MNP to Children

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Anonymous 3285

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24 Feb 2021, 08:10

While implementing the MNP program, it is recommended that a child should be given MNP for 2 months and there should be a gap of 4 months. What is the reason behind maintaining a gap of 4 months?

Alessandro Iellamo

Emergency Nutrition Adviser

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24 Feb 2021, 11:01

Hello Thanks a lot for this message

I am sharing a couple of links from where you can find the current recommendations and the evidence behind it 

1. WHO: Essential Nutrition action

2. Cochrane Revie w on the use of MNP for children < 2 years of age:

But you will see that and I quote below:

"The evidence considered in the systematic reviews2,3 included trials with intakes of multiple micronutrient powders ranging from 60 to 360 sachets (or doses) in a 12-month period. The recommendation of providing 90 sachets (or doses) was based on the judgment of the members of the guideline development group, considering the quality of the diet in low- and middle-income countries, as well as desirable and undesirable effects of the intervention, values and preferences, and costs. The number of sachets or doses may be adjusted if data on iron status or other micronutrient status of the vulnerable population is known. Implementers should also consider the number of sachets that are provided to the caregiver each time, in order to promote adherence and proper use"

The WHO recommendation is 90 sachets over a period of 6 months. 

thanks and regards 


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